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Quantum Super DLTtape I (220 & 320 drives)

Quantum Super DLTtape I (220 & 320 drives)

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SKU: Quantum Super DLTtape I (220 & 320 drives)
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Brand: Quantum
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Quantum Super DLTtape I Specifications
Media Recording Format Capacity (native) SDLT 220 SDLT 320
Super DLTtape I SDLT220 110GB 11MB/sec 11MB/sec
Super DLTtape I SDLT320 160GB N/A 16MB/sec
Tape Characteristics
Tape Type Advanced Metal Particle (AMP)
Overall Length 1,833.5
Data Area Length (feet) 1,828
Tape Width 0.498
Tape Thickness (µm) 8.75
Magnetic Properties
Coercivity (Oe) 1,900
Remanence (G) 3,000
Physical Specifications
Width 4.16" (105.6mm)
Length 4.15" (105.3mm)
Height 1.0" (25.4mm)
Weight 7.85 oz. (222.5 g)
Color Green
Tape Life
Archive Storage >30 years with less than 10% loss in demagnetization (at 20º C and 40% non–condensing humidity)
Durability Average 1,000,000 head passes in typical office/computing environment office/computing environment
Uses Up to 260 full tape uses

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